Anbox - libprotobuf bug

Posted on Sun 21 March 2021 in Linux

Anbox also known as Android in a box is used for emulating Android applications on Linux. A common use for this would be to run WhatsApp on Linux natively(no QR codes or WhatsApp Web).

A bug that occurs on Arch-based distros after installing/upgrading your system is the following:

anbox: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I am documenting how to fix this bug as it does not exist anywhere else except here

The Arch Anbox link also has no solution to this bug.

How to fix

The forum link says that anbox needs to be recompiled. Recompiling the Anbox package is straight-forward using the Package Manager. Navigate to:


Click on Build

After the Anbox package has been rebuilt. Restart your machine and Anbox should work once again.

If you experience any bugs with my solution, contact me via email and I will try to help you figure out a fix.