Install PSP emulator(PPSSPP) in RetroArch on Linux

Posted on Mon 21 June 2021 in Linux

I wanted to play a few PSP games from the mid-00s recently and I discovered that to install the PSP Core(emulator), known as "PPSSPP", isn't as simple as the instructions provided by LibRetro here and here.

The issue with the Youtube instructions is that no "Core Updater" exists. The subreddit post said that it was a result of some updating/migration

I also found close to 0 tutorials explaining how to install the emulator to be used on RetroArch. What I did learn though was that you can run this PPSSPP emulator on its own, but with a single emulator-manager(RetroArch), why have 10 different pieces of software when 1 will do?


Installing the emulator on Arch-based distros is really easy and just requires one package. Open Pamac and search for "PPSSPP", then locate the package that is called: libretro-ppsspp

At the time of writing, the package details look like so:


Once installed, you can verify that the Core is in RetroArch by opening it and loading the Sony Playstation Portable core under "Load Core".

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