Expanding Blog Scope

Posted on Sat 10 October 2020 in Other

I initially planned on maintaining this blog with a focus on just technology-related topics like programming and Information Security(InfoSec). As my interests have evolved(possibly due to age?) and my unwillingness to maintain multiple different blogs that focus on other areas of interest, I have decided to expand this personal blog to talk about other interesting phenomenon relative to me.

2 key topics I have found worthy of blogging about are: culture and languages


I start with languages because I have taken up the effort to learn a new language(Arabic) and I have also been learning "how to learn a new language". There is a lot to be said about this and I plan to do so.

I have also found that textual preservation of my home-language(Memon) is in short supply online.


Noting the shortage of textual preservation of my home-language(above), there is also a shortage of preservation of the cultural habits of the Memon people. As South African Memons, we have also diverged quite a bit from our counterparts in India/UK/Malawi/Canada.

Sharing broader culturally-Memon topics and the South African divergence will be a great lesson in introspection and possibly bias too.


I also hope to increase my frequency of blogging and speak about other topics of interest. "Lifehacks", like my article about Rechargeable batteries(AA/AAA), will also appear occasionally.

I also plan to continue blogging about technology, but after 6+ years of Hacker News, technology-blogging can feel 'stale' at times.