Rechargeable battery(AA/AAA) hack

Posted on Sun 17 March 2019 in Other

I have been using a wireless-mouse for a long time now. Instead of buying expensive single-use batteries, I decided I would use some spare AAA rechargeable batteries I had laying around.

I didn't own a recharging-device for the batteries though. However, my cordless housephone/landline also uses the same size batteries as the wireless-mouse. With this convenience, I now recharge my batteries using the cordless housephone and don't need to buy a specific recharging-device for the batteries.

This will save you time(finding where you left the recharging-device) and money(buying a single-use electronic item). You may also find this solution convenient, as you will own 1 less electronic item. Also worth a mention that this type of "hack" is so intuitive that people may overlook it.