The problem with anglicisation of scholar names

Posted on Sat 06 March 2021 in Language • Tagged with scholars, names, arabic, english

Discussing the drawbacks of anglicisation and why a standard would be good

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Tarkeeb - the concept of sentence analysis(or Linguistic Annotation) in Arabic

Posted on Fri 05 March 2021 in Language • Tagged with Arabic, NLP, languages, annotation-software

Discussing tarkeeb and annotation-software that can be used for it

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Lists of early Islamic scholars who learned from each other

Posted on Fri 19 February 2021 in Islam • Tagged with scholars, hanafi, isnad, sahaba

A bunch of lists highlighting who learned from who from the early scholar of Islam

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Merging and Filtering CSV files using Linux

Posted on Wed 03 February 2021 in Linux • Tagged with linux, csv, awk, sed

Using a bunch of Linux tools to merge multiple CSV files and then filter that merged file

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Using OCR, CAT and crowdsourcing to translate Classical Arabic works

Posted on Tue 12 January 2021 in Language • Tagged with culture, languages, ideas, OCR, CAT, Arabic

Using a combination of OCR and CAT software and the power of crowdsourced translations to translate Classical Arabic books

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Expanding Blog Scope

Posted on Sat 10 October 2020 in Other • Tagged with culture, languages, blog, ideas, thoughts

Blogging about other topics of interest outside the technology scope

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Rechargeable battery(AA/AAA) hack

Posted on Sun 17 March 2019 in Other • Tagged with battery, batteries, AA, AAA, rechargeable, hacks

A simple hack to recharge your rechargeable batteries in electronic devices

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ESL - European Super League

Posted on Mon 26 March 2018 in Sports • Tagged with football, Europe

Alternative to the UEFA Champions League

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Nim - it feels like Python

Posted on Tue 02 May 2017 in Nim • Tagged with nim, python

A light intro to the Nim programming language

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Installing latest Python3 version on Ubuntu 14.04

Posted on Tue 13 September 2016 in LXC • Tagged with ubuntu, LXC, docker

How to install the latest Python version on Ubuntu 14.04

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